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Ontario, Saskatchewan, BC, Quebec, and PEI Nominated PNP candidates This Week

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Latest  PNP  Draws developments in provincial immigration as Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island (PEI) reveal their nominated candidates this week. Our blog provides comprehensive coverage of the nominees and their potential impact on each province’s immigration policies. Discover how these provinces are actively shaping their communities through immigration and learn about the diverse opportunities they offer to newcomers. Stay tuned for insights, analysis, and updates on this crucial aspect of Canadian immigration.

The world of Canadian immigration is abuzz with excitement as five prominent provinces—Ontario, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Quebec, and Prince Edward Island (PEI)—have revealed their selected nominees for provincial immigration this week.

These nominations mark a significant step in shaping the future of immigration policies within these provinces. Join us as we delve into the details, significance, and potential implications of this momentous announcement.

Ontario PNP (OINP) Invites 5,450 Candidates Across Multiple Streams

Ontario extends invitations to 5,450 candidates through four distinct streams. From international students to skilled workers, this week’s selections demonstrate Ontario’s dedication to building a diverse and dynamic workforce. Dive into this comprehensive overview of the recent draws and discover the pivotal roles they play in Ontario’s growth strategy.

In a remarkable week of draws, Ontario nominated candidates from the following streams:

  1. Employer Job Offer: International Student Stream: Ontario welcomed 853 international students with scores of at least 61, boasting job offers in technology, healthcare, and skilled trades. This emphasizes Ontario’s commitment to nurturing talent in key sectors.

  2. Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker Stream

  3. Employer Job Offer: In Demand Skills Stream

  4. Human Capital Priorities Stream

During the impactful draws held on August 15, Ontario extended invitations across various streams, showcasing the province’s dedication to attracting exceptional individuals. Here’s a breakdown of the significant selections:

1. International Student Stream: Ontario reached out to 853 international students who possessed a minimum score of 61 and held job offers in technology, healthcare, and the skilled trades. This strategic move emphasizes Ontario’s interest in nurturing talent in these crucial sectors.

2. Foreign Worker Stream: The province extended invitations to 375 candidates in the Foreign Worker stream. These candidates demonstrated their expertise in the skilled trades and achieved a minimum score of 30, reflecting Ontario’s focus on bridging workforce gaps.

3. In-Demand Skills Stream: Among the selections, 1,131 skilled candidates with job offers in health and tech occupations, and scores of 46, were invited. This not only enhances the province’s workforce but also strengthens its presence in key sectors.

4. Third Employer Job Offer Draw: In the third Employer Job Offer draw, Ontario welcomed 256 skilled candidates with job offers in in-demand skills. These candidates achieved scores of 23 or above and had job offers in specific sought-after occupations, including agriculture, construction, and other specialized fields.

Express Entry Human Capital Priorities Stream Nominations:

Building on this momentum, on August 17, Ontario announced the invitation of 2,835 candidates in the Express Entry Human Capital Priorities stream. These nominees, with scores of 473 or above, bring experience in technology and health-related professions, aligning with Ontario’s progressive vision. For more information visit 

Saskatchewan’s Latest PNP (SINP) Draws:

On August 16, Saskatchewan introduced an innovative twist to its Express Entry and Occupations-In-Demand streams by holding six distinct draws. These draws were tailored to the candidate’s country of residence and occupation. The province’s motive behind this approach is to strategically connect qualified individuals with the specific labor market needs.

Under the Express Entry stream, Saskatchewan extended invitations to candidates from various countries, focusing on key regions. Specifically:

  • Ireland: The province invited 23 candidates currently residing in Ireland, recognizing their potential to contribute to Saskatchewan’s workforce.

  • India: A total of 224 candidates residing in India received invitations, further emphasizing Saskatchewan’s commitment to attracting skilled individuals from this region.

  • Other European Countries: Saskatchewan also extended invitations to 98 candidates residing in countries such as Poland, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine, acknowledging their valuable skills.

Occupations in Demand Stream Selections: For the Occupations in Demand stream, the province continued its strategic selection process, targeting specific regions and occupations. Notable invitations include:

  • Ireland: 12 candidates residing in Ireland were selected, highlighting their alignment with Saskatchewan’s demand for particular skill sets.

  • India: A significant number of 207 candidates residing in India were invited, further strengthening the province’s ties with this talent-rich region.

  • Other European Countries: 78 candidates from countries like Poland, Czechia, Germany, Lithuania, Slovakia, and Ukraine received invitations, signifying Saskatchewan’s recognition of their potential contributions.

Candidates who participated in each draw were required to achieve a minimum score of 60 to be considered for an invitation. This criterion emphasizes Saskatchewan’s commitment to attracting candidates with competitive skills and qualifications.


Quebec’s Latest PNP Draws: 


On August 10, Quebec’s Ministry of Immigration, Francization, and Integration disclosed the results of its latest round of invitations. A total of 1,384 candidates received an opportunity to apply for permanent selection within Quebec. These invitations hold immense significance in shaping the province’s immigration trajectory.

Candidates who garnered an invitation met specific criteria that showcase their potential to integrate successfully into Quebec’s cultural and economic landscape. The key criteria include:

  1. Minimum Score of 591: Invited candidates demonstrated their competitiveness by achieving a minimum score of 591. This score serves as an indicator of their qualifications and suitability for permanent selection.

  2. French Language Proficiency: French language skills. Candidates with a level 7 oral proficiency or higher were recognized for their linguistic competence.

  3. Valid Job Offers Outside Montreal: In addition to language proficiency, invitations were extended to candidates who held valid job offers outside the territory of the Montreal. This reflects Quebec’s strategic approach to distributing opportunities across the province.

British Columbia’s PNP Draws: Insights from August 15 Invitations

British Columbia conducted four distinct draws on August 15, catering to candidates within the Skilled Worker and International Graduate Streams of the BC PNP, which also encompassed Express Entry candidates. These draws signify the province’s commitment to selecting individuals who align with its economic priorities and growth strategy.

Largest Draw: Tech Occupation Invitations In a significant move, the largest draw invited 107 candidates in tech occupations. These candidates exhibited a minimum Skills Immigration Registration System (SIRS) score of 88. The province’s emphasis on technology-oriented roles showcases its determination to nurture innovation and expertise in this vital sector.

The remaining three draw results presented a well-rounded approach, reflecting British Columbia’s diverse needs:

  • Early Childhood Educators and Assistants: 27 candidates in this field received invitations, underlining the importance of early education in the province’s growth.

  • Healthcare Occupations: 19 candidates in healthcare occupations were selected, contributing to the province’s healthcare excellence.

  • Priority Occupations: Additionally, a select number of candidates in other priority occupations received invitations, highlighting the province’s nuanced selection strategy.

Minimum Score: 60 for All Candidates It’s noteworthy that all candidates who participated in these draws were required to achieve a minimum score of 60. This criterion underscores British Columbia’s commitment to inviting skilled individuals who can contribute effectively to the province’s advancement.

Prince Edward Island’s Latest Invitations: A Look into the August 17 Draws

On August 17, Prince Edward Island extended invitations to a total of 142 candidates across two distinct streams of the PEI Provincial Nominee Program (PEI PNP). These selections reflect the province’s emphasis on aligning its immigration strategy with its economic growth and development.

Labour and Express Entry Stream: Anchoring Skilled Workforce A substantial portion of the invitations, specifically 138, were extended to candidates in the Labour and Express Entry stream. These candidates were chosen based on their employment with a PEI employer and achieved a minimum Expression of Interest (EOI) score of 50. Over the past year, this stream has been a focal point, with more than 97% of all PEI PNP invitations directed toward Labour and Express Entry candidates.

Business Work Permit Entrepreneur Category: Fostering Entrepreneurial Spirit In addition to the skilled workforce invitations, four candidates in the Business Work Permit Entrepreneur category were selected. These individuals met the minimum point threshold of 102, showcasing their potential to contribute significantly to Prince Edward Island’s entrepreneurial landscape.

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